Building the Supermarine Spitfire

Coolant System

Modified Underwing Radiators and Cowls.

Prepared Stb Cowl Flap Components and test fitted.

Trial fit of Stbd Cowl Flap Components to Radiator Cowl.

Port Cowl Flap Riveted and Etch Primed.

Cowl Flap Motors and Electrical Loom with Switch and Circuit Breaker.

Port Side Coolant Hose Splitter.

Coolant Hoses through Firewall to Underwing Radiators

seen beneath Wing.

Modified Left and right side Radiator Cowl Flaps.

Test fit of Access Hatch Doubler for Radiator Hose Spigot Connection.

Test fit of Access Hatch Panel.

Access Hatch and Panel etch primed, riveted and screwed.