Building a Supermarine Spitfire

Electrical System.

A 12 volt alternator supplies power to two batteries which in turn supplies the whole of the electrical system including the ECU's (engine control units).

Mil Spec Wiring Loom with Circuit Breakers for Ignition Systems, Fuel Pumps, Coils, ECU and Injectors. Switches for Ignition and Fuel Pumps. Start Button. All courtesy of CPWS

Mil Spec 12V Electrical System Wiring Loom with Master, Flaps, and Retractable Undercarriage Switches. Courtesy of CPWS

MoTeC Loom Cannon Plug on Firewall.

2 Odyssey ES12V500 PC680 Batteries. Drycell design/non spillable for mounting in any orientation and full aerobatic use.

Trial fit of Batteries into rear fuselage.

Starter Solenoid.

Motec Loom.


MoTeC ECU and Relays fitted to Fire Wall.

Positive and Negative Starter Motor Leads with connections to Starter Solenoid.

Negative Terminal Post on Firewall.

Positive Connection at Starter Motor. Earth on Engine Block.