Building a Supermarine Spitfire

Powerplant and Propeller 4

Pickup for Electrical Pitch Motor.

Oil Cooler Hatch Cutout in Lower Engine Cowl.

Oil Cooler Hatch Cover drilled and clecoed.

Etch primed and riveted.

Engine Oil Cooler fitted with Screws and Anchor Nuts.

Oil Cooler connected to hoses.

Lower Cowl Attachment Plate clecoed.

Side Cowl fitted.

Supercharger Air Inlet Filter Box.

Supercharger Air Inlet Filter.

Supercharger Air Inlet Scoop.

Spinner drilled and clecoed.

Spinner secured.

Cut out for Intake Air Inlet Filter Box.

Intake Air Inlet Scoop.

Intake Air Inlet Box.