Building a Supermarine Spitfire


Registration Certificate.

The aircraft is now registered as VH-TAF.

Previous TAF Registrations.

I flew a B737-300 with this registration at Australian Airlines and Qantas.

Qantas B737-300.

Australian Airlines B737-300.

Trans Australian Airlines DC3.

Trans Australian Airlines DC-4. This aircraft crashed near Brisbane Airport on 24 May 61. The accident occurred during the pre-landing circuit when the Captain tried to leave his seat under the influence of a disordered cardiac function and, in the course of so doing, collapsed across the engine control console in such a way as to bring all four thrust levers to the closed position depriving the first officer of the thrust lever movement necessary to avoid a crash-landing off the airport."

Teds Hangar at Redcliffe Aerodrome.




Unless someone can suggest a better scheme the aircraft will be painted in 453 Sqn RAAF Livery.