Building the Supermarine Spitfire

Work Log 3

12 Apr 07

Prepared, pilot drilled and clecoed Left and Right Inner Flap Components. Trial fitted to Rear Centre Sections in preparation for shaping after fitting Outer Wing Sections. 4.4 hrs.

17 Apr 07

Fitted Outer Wing Sections. Measured Wing Alignement. Drilled Rear Mounting Holes. Measured Inner Flaps to size. Checked Aileron, Outer and Inner Flap Trailing Edge Alignment. Removed Outer Wing Panels. 4.8 hrs.

18 Jul 07 Fitted Rear View Mirror. 4.2 hrs

09 Jan 08

I have been busy with a house renovation and a couple of overseas trips. Will recommence work shortly.

22 Apr 08

Commenced cosmetic fill of surface rivet heads. 2.3 hrs.

24 Apr 08

Continuing with cosmetic fill of surface rivet heads. Prepared Trailing Edge of Stbd Elevator. Applied Body Light Filler Sanded to shape. 5 hrs.

25 Apr 08

Prepared Trailing edge of Port Elevator. Applied Light Body Filler. Sanded to shape. 1.6 hrs.

29 Apr 08

Prepared Leading Edge of Stabiliser. Applied Light Body Filler. Sanded to shape. 2.3 hrs

02 May 08

Filled Reduction Gear Bearing Housing with Mil Spec Oil. Adjusted PRSU Belt to correct tension. Checked for leaks. 1.4 hrs

03 May 08

Constructed Framework to hold Brushes of Electric Variable Pitch Mechanism. Drilled and tapped holes in Reduction Gear Assembly to fix Framework. Trial fitted and painted. 2.8 hrs

05 May 08

Drilled out Pilot Holes in Port Inner Flap to 1/8". Dismantled Inner Flap Assembly. Deburred and dimpled all Components. Prepared surfaced and Etch Primed. 4.7 hrs.

06 May 08

Clecoed and riveted all Port Inner Flap Components. 1.5 hrs.

07 May 08

Drilled out pilot holes in Stbd Inner Flap to 1/8". Dismantled Inner Flap Assembly. Deburred and dimpled all Components. Prepared Electric Variable Pitch Loom. 3.7 hrs.

08 May 08

Etch Primed and riveted all Components of Stbd Inner Flap. 2.2. hrs

09 May 08

Bench tested operation of Variable Pitch Electric Motor. .5 hrs

14 May 08

Connected Electric Variable Pitch Control Loom from Instrument Panel Position through Firewall to Variable Pitch Motor, Generator and Earthed. Tested OK. 2.3 hrs

07 Jun 08

Cut out top of Fuel Tank to faciltate fitment of Fuel Sender. Reinforced same with alloy and riveted. Trimmed trailing edge of Stb Inner Flap to contour. Fitted Spar and drilled out for rivets. 5.6 hrs

14 Jun 08

Fibreglassed top of fuel tank. 3.2 hrs.

17 Jun 08

Sanded top of Fuel Tank and Undercoated. 1.3 hrs

19 Jun 08

Drilled out hole in top of Main Fuel Tank for Fuel Tank Sender Unit. Topcoated.Trial fitted Sender Unit. 1.8 hrs

24 Jun 08

Fitted Trailing Edge to Stbd Inner Flap. Shaped to align with Wing Root and Outer Flap. Prepared, drilled, dimpled and etch primed Stbd Inner Flap Hinge. Riveted into position. Drilled Flying Surface Hinges for Piano Wire Retainer. 5.6 hrs

25 Jun 08

Connected Tunbuckles to Flap and Aileron Control Rods. Cut out rear of Rudder for Trim Tab. Fabricated parts for Trim Tab. Drilled hinge, Trim Tab Skins, clecoed and test fitted. 4.6 hrs

28 Jun 08

Fabricated Mounting Plate for PTT Switch. Drilled, deburred, dimpled and applied three coats of Primer to Mounting Plate and Control Yoke Grip. Delivered Seat Back to Upholsterers. 1.7 hrs.

29 Jun 08

Top coated Yoke Grip and fitted PTT Switch. Fitted Mic and Phone Jacks for Pilot and Pax. Applied power to VHF and tested Intercom and functionaly of Radio. Works a treat. 4 hrs.

01 Jul 08

Cut out Access Hatch for Rudder Trim Servo. Fabricated Frame for Anchor Nuts.Drilled, deburred and dimpled rivet holes for same. 4.4 hrs.

10 Jul 08

Vacuumed Cockpit and floor area below Main Fuel Tank. Applied Top Coat to Outer Instrument Panel and fitted to Bulkhead. Fitted Start Button, Master Switch, Fuel Pump Switches and Ignition Switch. Connected Power Leads to Auxilliary Power Bus. 3.4 hrs

12 Jul 08

Applied final top coats to Centre Console Panel. Fitted Avionics Master Switch, Eight Day Clock, Tacho, Oil Pressure Gauge and U/C Lights. (Two Greens for Down and Two Reds for Transit). 3.6 hrs.

16 Jul 08

Wired Electric A/H and T&B. Instruments. 2.5 hrs

18 Jul 08

Fitted Centre Console Panel, MoteC Loom Circuit Breakers, Wing Tank Fuel Gauges and Low pressure Fuel Cock to Centre Console. Fitted Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temperature Gauge, Engine Hour Gauge, Voltmeter and Ammeter. 4.3 hrs

21 Jul 08

Seat Back Cushion fitted. .5hr.

22 Jul 08

Calibrated Main Fuel Tank Gauge and sender Unit. E=8L, 1/4=20L, 3/4=82L and F=112L. 1.2 hrs.

21 Aug 08

Trimmed Port Wheel Well Surround to give a 3 mm clearance for wheel. Jacked aircraft and successfully completed retract testing on Port U/C. 2.4 Hrs.

22 Aug 08

Bench tested Altimeter, Electric A/H, Electric T&B and VSI. All serviceable and within tolerances. 2.4 hrs.

12 Sep 08

Prepared, drilled, deburred and fitted Stb Wing Gap Strip. 3.2 hrs

26 Sep 08

Stbd U/C retract testing and adjustment of "Gear Up" microswitch. 3.5 hrs.

27 Oct 08

I have decided to fit re-engineered Engine Cowls. These will reflect more accurately the original Spitfire profile. Also the Cooling System is to be modified. I will be fitting Dual Underwing Radiators equipped with electrically operated Cowl Flaps. All previous pictures showing Engine Cowls and dummy Underwing Radiator Cowls have been deleted from the Powerplant and Wing Section. I will be shortly commencing work to complete these modifications.

29 Oct 08

Removed Dummy Radiator Cowls from beneath Centre Section. Measured up new Cowls to fit parallel to Aircraft Centreline and temporary placed in new position. Test fitted new Radiators in Cowls. 3.6 hrs

31 Oct 08

Prepared Stbd Cowl Flap Components and test fitted. 2.5 hrs.

01 Nov 08

Prepared Hinge, drilled out to 3/32 and clecoed Cowl Flap to Stbd Radiator Cowl. 1.5 hrs.

27 Nov 08

Prepared, drilled, deburred, dimpled and test fitted all components of Port Cowl Flap. 3.5 hrs.

03 Nov

Etch Primed all Port Cowl Flap Components. Fitted all parts and riveted. 3.8 hrs.

12 Jan 09

Made Template of Underwing Radiator Cowls. Pilot drilled through Radiator Cowls and Clecoed to Underwing. Drilled, deburred and fitted Grommets to four holes through Firewall and two holes in Fuselage. Ran Radiator Hoses through Firewall to Port Radiator. Fitted Radiator Hose Elbows and Splitters to Inlet and Outlet of Engine Coolant Connectors. 4.5 hrs

14 Jan 09

Fabricated, drilled, deburred, etch primed and fitted Anchor Nuts to Stb Radiator Cowl Outer Doubler. 4.2 hrs.

15 Jan

Connected all Radiator Hoses to the Splitters. Ran Hoses through Firewall to Stbd Radiator. Fitted Grommets to all lightening holes where hoses run through Centre Section. 2.5 hrs

18 Jan 09

Trial fit of Modified Top Engine Cowl.1.3 hrs.

22 Jan 09

Drilled Rear Spinner Backplate to accept Propeller Bolts. Fitted same to Prop Hub to aid alignment of Engine Cowls. Fabricated and fitted Forward Joiner Strips to Lower Engine Cowl. 4.5 hrs.

23 Jan 09

Pilot drilled through Upper Engine Cowl and Lower Cowl Joining Strips. Test fitted in situ. Fabricated, pilot drilled and deburred Port Radiator Cowl Inboard Doublers. 3.5 hrs

26 Jan 08 (Australia Day)

Fabricated, drilled, deburred, etch primed and fitted Anchor Nuts to Port Radiator Cowl Outboard Doublers. Etch primed and fitted Anchor Nuts to Port Radiator Cowl Inboard Doublers. 3.9 hrs

28 Jan 09

Dimpled Port Radiator Cowl Inner and Outer Doublers, Lower Skin on Centre Section and riveted together. Drilled through Lower Skin on Centre Section to facilitate Radiator Core Spigots. 4.3 hrs

31 Jan 09

I am off to Aspen Colorado tomorrow for a two week skiing holiday.

25 Feb 09

Riveted Stbd Outer Radiator Cowl Doublers to Lower Centre Section Skin. Commenced fabrication of Stb Radiator Cowl Inboard Doublers. 3 hrs.

03 Mar 09

Drilled, deburred and Etch Primed Stb Radiator Cowl Inboard Doublers. Fitted Anchor Nuts to same and riveted to Centre Section Lower Skin. 3.4 hrs.

08 Mar 09

Prepared both Radiator Cowls for fitment of Radiator Cores. Fitted to Underside of Centre Section. Checked for alignment. 2.5 hrs

04 Apr 09

Fitted 3 blade Propeller together with Spinner Backplate. Inserted 3mm MDF board between Backplate and Egine Cowls. Checked for positioning and alignment.1.8 hrs

05 Apr 09

Prepared, drilled, deburred and test fitted all components of Stbd Cowl Flap. 3.3 hrs.

08 Apr 09

Clecoed Stbd Cowl Flap to Radiator Cowling, drilled through underside of Centre Section Skin for Cowl Flap Motor access, connected Flap Motor and tested Cowl Flap for travel. 2.7 hrs.

17 Apr 09

Cut out Coolant Tank Inspection hatch in Upper Engine Cowl. Prepared Hatch parts. Fitted Anchore Nuts and Zsus Fasteners. Fabricated Hatch Door and riveted into position. 3 hrs.

10 Jul 09

Cut out Dip Stick and Oil Filler Cap Inspection Hatches in Upper Engine Cowl. Prepared all parts, drilled, deburred and etch primed same.Fitted Anchor Nuts and Zsus Fasteners. Test fitted in situ and riveted into position. 4.3 hrs.

22 Jul 09

Drilled bolt holes in Main Fuel Tank. Fitted, sealed and bolted Fuel Quantity Sensor. Sealed Outer and Inner Ribs in Stbd Wing Fuel Tank. Riveted and sealed Doubler to Stbd Wing Fuel Tank Inner Rib for Fuel Quantity Sensor Mount. 3.5 hrs.

I'm back!! Apologies to all those enthusiasts who have been visiting the site. I have had some time off doing other things.

30 Oct 09

Commenced fabricating reinforcement parts for Rudder Trim Tab and Rudder Trim Tab Access. Drilled and clecoed same. 3.2 hrs.

31 Oct 09

As per yesterday. 3.5 hrs

02 Nov 09

Prepared, deburred, dimpled and etch primed all Rudder Trim Tab Recess Components. 2.6 hrs

03 Nov 09

Riveted all Rudder Trim Tab Recess Components. 1.6 hrs.

06 Nov 09

Fabricated Reinforcement Components for Rudder Trim Tab. Drilled, deburred and dimpled same. 2.8 hrs.

07 Nov 09

Etch Primed all Rudder Trim Tab Components and Riveted. 3.3 hrs.

09 Nov 09

Anchored Brake Fluid Hose Line to Port U/C Fairing. 1.2 hrs.

08 Dec 09

Cut out Battery Access Panel in rear of Fuselage. 1.1 hrs.

09 Dec 09

Prepared Battery Access Hatch components. Pilot drilled and clecoed to Fuselage. 1.6 hrs.

14 Dec 09

Drilled out, deburred and riveted Anchor Nuts to Doubler Battery Access Hatch. Drilled, deburred, dimpled and Etch Primed Battery Access Hatch Panel. Screwed panel to Fuselage. 1.8 hrs.

03 Jan 10

Fabricated template for Propeller Blade Cut outs in Spinner.Traced cut outs and removed waste. Folded edges. Test fitted Spinner. 3.6 hrs

8 Mar 10

Final fit of Propeller, Electric Pitch Motor and Electric Brush Pickup. 3.8 hrs.

09 Mar 10

Fitted Positive and Negative Starter Cables from Batteries through to Starter Motor, Electric Rudder Trim Wiring and connected Harness to Tacho, Oil Pressure Gauge, Voltmeter, Oil Temperature Gauge and Oil Pressure Gauge. 5.4 hrs.

11 Mar 10

Removed Redrive Bearing Housing for fitment of Oil Pump, Filter and Thermocouple. 1.2 hrs.

15 Mar 10

Refitted modified Redrive Bearing Housing together with Hoses, Filter, Thermocouple and Oil Pump. 1.4 hrs.