Building the Supermarine Spitfire

Work Log 4

16 Mar 10

Fitted Electrical Harnesses for both left and right sides of the aircraft. Connected Electric Flap Motors, Electric Retract Motors, Wing Fuel Tank Transfer Pumps, Radiator Cowl Flap Motors, Redrive Bearing Electric Oil Pump, Thermocouple and the U/C Indicating Light System. 6.5 hrs.

17 mar 10

Fitted Master Switch, Wing Flap Switch, Radiator Cowl Flap Switch, Starter Button, Fuel Pump Switches, U/C Indicator Lights and Avionics Master Switch to Outer Instrument Panel. 4.5 hrs.

19 Mar 10

Cut out Oil Cooler Hatch in Lower Engine Cowl. Fabricated, cut out, drilled, dimpled, Etch Primed and riveted Oil Cooler Hatch Intake Cover on Lower Engine Cowl. Attached Anchor Nuts to Engine Oil Cooler. Drilled through Lower Engine Cowl and fitted.

Fabricated Doubler for Antenna support. Drilled, deburred, dimpled and etch primed same. Drilled and countersunk holes in base of Antenna Mount. Riveted in position. 6.6 hrs.

22 Mar 10

Fitted Manifold Pressure Gauge to Outer Instrument Panel. Connected Vacuum Line to Manifold Connection. Filled PSRU with V Max 80 Oil and purged system. Fitted Fuel Pressure Sender Unit to Fuel Pressure Regulator 2.5 hrs

24 Mar 10

Fitted Electric Rudder Trim Switch and Indicator. Fitted all C/B's and wired same. Connected Electric A/H and Electric Turn and Slip Indicator. Wired and fitted Hour Meter, VHF Radio, Garmin 296 GPS, High Pressure Fuel Pumps. Wired all remaining Instruments and Generator Light. Temporary fitted 12V Batteries. Tested Wing Flap Motors, Cowl Flap Motors, Undercarriage Motors, All Engine Instruments, Fuel Gauges, Undercarriage Micro Switches, Eletric Rudder Trim, XCOM VHF Radio, Garmin 296 GPS, and Electric Pitch Motor. Pressed Starter Button and Engine turned over.....YEAHHHH!!! All Systems and Indications OK. 7.8 hrs.

25 Mar 10

Fitted ASI, AH, Altimeter, VSI, Turn and Slip Indicator and Standby Compass to Inner Instrument Panel. 2.5 hrs.

26 Mar 10

Wired and fitted Quartz Electric Clock. Prepared, drilled and deburred all parts for Batteries Container and test fitted. Sent Microair Transponder Encoder to Quality Avionics at Archerfield for calibration. 3.6 hrs.

30 Mar 10

Prepared, drilled, deburred and prepared for etch priming all Right side Cowl Flap Components. Prepared, drilled deburred, etch primed and fitted right side Cowl Flap Motor Mount. Connected Cowl Flap Motor between the Mount and the Cowl flap.Tested operation. 5.3 hrs.

31 Mar 10

Modified both left and right side Radiator Cowl Flaps and Etch Primed. 4.5 hrs.

09 Apr 10

Painted Radiator Cowl Flaps and inside of Radiator Cowls. Riveted together. Ready for final fitment. 4.4 hrs.

11 Apr10

Fabricated, drilled, deburred and test fitted parts for Left Hand Cowl Flap Motor Mount. 2.5 hrs.

16 Apr 10

Spray painted Radiators and Oil Cooler with Radiator paint. Fitted Oil Cooler to Oil Lines.Tightened all oil hose lines, fittings and lockwired. Final fitment of exhaust stacks. Hope to do engine run next week. 4.8 hrs.

21 Apr 10

Fitted Connections to ASI, VSI Altimeter and Microair Transponder Encoder. Connected Pitot Static Lines 2.2 hrs.

22 Apr 10

Cut out Left side Centre Section for Access Hatch of Radiator Hoses and Spigot Connections. Prepared, drilled, deburred and dimpled Access Hatch Doubler and Upper Centre Section. Test fitted Access Hatch Panel. 2.2 hrs.

28 Apr 10

Arrived back today from a 5 day visit to the farm in NZ. Dimpled Access Hatch Doubler to accept Anchor Nuts. Prepared Doubler for Etch priming. 1.4 hrs.

29 Apr 10

Etch primed Hatch Doubler and Panel. Fitted Anchor Nuts. 1.6 hrs.

30 Apr 10

Cut out right side Centre Section for Access Hatch of Radiator Hoses and Spigot connections. Prepared drilled, deburred, dimpled, etch primed Hatch Doubler and Panel. Fitted Anchor Nuts. 3.8 hrs.

01 May 10

Fitted Anchor Nuts to Upper Centre Section Inspection Panels. Painted Lower Centre Section Panels where Radiator Cowls fit. Fitted left side Radiator Cowl together with Radiator and Cowl Flap. Fitted Coolant Hoses to Radiator Spigots. 4.3 hours

03 May 10

Fitted Right side Radiator Cowl, Radiator and Cowl Flap. Connected Coolant hoses to Radiator Spigots. Flushed Engine Coolant system. Refilled with new Coolant Spec HN2217. 3.4 hrs

16 May 10

Finished lockwiring all fuel line connections forward of firewall. Connected Fuel Hoses and fittings to Low Pressure Fuel Cock. Temporary fitment of Main Fuel Tank and hose fittings for initial Engine run. Connected Fuel Tank Gauge wiring. 4.6 hrs.

17 May 10

Fuelled Main Tank with 20 Litres of Avgas. Checked Fuel System for leaks. Checked High Pressure Fuel Pump operation. All OK. Secured all loose items. READY FOR ENGINE RUN. Would you believe it has started to rain. Oh well have to do it later in the week. 3.3 hrs.

22 May 10

Well the big day has arrived. Beautiful sunny day so no more excuses. Did another check of fuel, oil and water lines. All secure and no leaks. Wheeled the plane out of the shed and anchored it to the Hills Hoist. I know some of you are laughing but it was the only suitable anchor. Chocked the wheels and climbed aboard. Heart rate up to about a hundred. My wife Deb was the ground crew. I briefed her on the procedure and operation of the fire extinguisher. In hindsight I should have just said, "If there is a fire run for your life". Completed Pre Start Checklist and pressed the Starter Button. After a couple of coughs the engine sprang into life. Initial surprise was the lack of Airframe Vibration. Oil Pressure up to 80 PSI, Fuel Pressure 45 PSI Generator charging and with the Thrust Lever on the stop, the Idle RPM was perfect. Ran for about a minute then shut down. After a thorough check again of Fuel, Oil and Water Hoses and a top up of the Header Tank it was back into the Drivers seat. I am liking this already. Second run went for ten minutes. Oil temp stabilised at 60 deg. Water temp 95 Deg. 2.8 hrs.

30 May 10

Test fitted Inner Instrument Panel only to find there is insufficient room for my Artificial Horizon. Removed Fuel tank and cut away enough area to accommodate the Instrument. Fabricated a Metal pocket and riveted into place. Fiberglassed the whole area. Connected Left Hand Cowl Flap Motor to Cowl Flap. Vacuumed out the Left Side Centre Section and Clecoed Rear Upper Panel and Mid Fillet Panel into place. Riveted both Panels. 7.8 hrs

02 Jun 10

Fitted No 2 Solenoid to Mid Fuse Former. Fitted No 2 Master Switch to Instrument Panel. Wired the No 2 System. Checked operation. Painted fiberglassed area of Main Fuel Tank 3.8 hrs

21 Nov 10

I'm back!! Have recovered from knee and shoulder surgery. Fitted Rudder and connected Rudder Cables. Trimed away Vertical Stab fairing to allow for full travel of Rudder.Tensioned Rudder Cables. Adjusted position of Rudder Pedals. 2.8 hrs.

07 May 11

Clecoed right side Rear Upper centre Section Panels and riveted. 3 hrs.

22 Jun 11

Fitted right hand Brake Hose to U/C Leg. 1.5 hrs.

12 Jul 11

Bled both Brakes and finished drilling, deburring and clecoing Battery Mounting Box Components for test fitting. 2.6 hrs.

16 Jul 11

Prepared and etch primed all Battery Box Components, clecoed to Fuselage and rivetted. Fitted both Batteries. 3.8 hrs.

29 Jul 11

Tensioned Rudder Cables and lockwired Rudder Cable Turnbuckle. .8 hrs.

03 Aug 11

Prepared, drilled, deburred, etch primed and fitted additional Locking Plates to Battery Cage. 2.7 hrs

09 Aug 11

Trial fit of Upper and Lower Engine Cowls. Aligned Cowl behind Spinner Plate. Fitted Anchor Nuts to Lower Fuselage, drilled Cowling and secured. 1.4 hrs.

10 Aug 11

Prepared, drilled, deburred and clecoed right and left side Lower Attachment Plates for Engine Cowl Inspection Panels. 2.4 hrs

14 Aug 11

Etch primed left side Lower Engine Cowl Attachment Plates and riveted to Lower Cowl. Prepared, drilled, deburred and clecoed left side Upper and Forward Engine Cowl Attacment Plates. Aligned Cowls behind Spinner Plate and secured Upper Engine Cowl to Fuselage 3.5 hrs.

20 Aug 11

Riveted left side Forward and Upper Engine Cowl Attachment Plates to Upper Engine Cowl. Formed left side Engine Cowl Inspection Panel, drilled pilot holes for 1/4 Turn Studs, clecoed into position for test fitment.3.4 hrs.

23 Aug 11

Drilled, deburred, and dimpled left side Engine Cowl Side panel for stiffeners and etch primed. Fabricated Stiffeners and riveted to Cowl. 3.4 hrs.

25 Aug 11

Fitted 1/4 Turn Studs to left side Engine Cowl Side Panel. Commenced fitting 1/4 Turn Receptacles to left side Engine Cowl Attachment Plates. 2.6 hrs.

26 Aug 11

Completed fitment of 1/4 Turn Receptacles to left side Engine Cowl Attachments Plates. 1.8 hrs.

27 Aug 11

Fabricated, drilled, deburred and test fitted right side Forward and Upper Attachment Plates for Engine Cowl Side Panel. 1.5 hrs.

04 Sep 11

Etch primed Attachment Plates and riveted to right side Engine Cowl. Fabricated, drilled, deburred and dimpled stiffeners and right side Engine Cowl Inspection Panel. Trimmed panel to size. 3.3 hrs.

06 Nov 11

Riveted stiffeners to right side Engine Panel. Drilled holes for 1/4 turn Receptacles. 2.2 hrs.

20 Nov 11

Riveted 1/4 Turn Receptacles to right side Engine Panel Attachment Plates. Fitted 1/4 Turn Studs to right side Engine Panel and test fitted. 3.3 hrs.

10 Dec 11

Trimmed Upper Engine Cowl to fit around Exhaust Stacks. Trimmed foreward edge of Fuel Tank Hatch to match Upper Engine Cowl. 2.7 hrs.

06 Jan 12

Cut out template using green foam and sanded to shape for Air Intake fitment to Lower Engine Cowl. 2.2 hrs

07 Mar 12

Made up two part mixture of body filler, applied to surface of template and trial fitted to Lower Engine Cowl. Removed when filler set. Sanded smooth and sent template together with Air Scoop to the fibreglass shop for modification. 3.6 hrs.

11 Mar 12

Clamped Spinner to Backplate and aligned. Measured for Anchor Nut positions and drilled Spinner to both Front and Backplates. Secured with clecoes. 2.4 hrs

14 Mar 12

Further drilled out Spinner Mounting Holes to accept Anchor Nuts and deburred. 1.6 hrs.

15 Mar 12

Finished drilling, dimpling and deburring holes in both Front and Rear Spinner Backplates for Anchor Nuts. Riveted all Anchor Nuts. 2.8 hrs.

16 Mar 12

Placed Air Inlet Box in Lower Engine Cowl and marked for position. Measured and cut out Air Filter Retaining Doubler. 1.8 hrs.

28 Mar 12

Fitted Spinner and secured with Dome Headed Srews. 1.3 hrs.

06 Apr 12

Measured Lower Engine Cowl for fitment of Air Inlet Box. Cut out Cowl and fitted Anchor Nuts to secure same. Drilled Air Inlet Box and secured to Lower Engine Cowl. Test fitted Air Inlet Scoop 3.3 hrs.

27 Mar 13

I have had a year away from this build. Other projects and overseas travel got in the way. I am back now and hope to get some more done this year. The windscreen developed some cracks. Removed windscreen and inspected. Discovered that I used a 1/8 drill bit to drill through the Lexan. I should have used a size #30 drill bit. Awaiting arrival of new Windscreen Chrome Moly Frame and Aluminium Cover. Cut out new Lexan 2.2 hrs.

21 May 13

Hopeful of new parts arriving this week from the US.

22 June 13.

Trial fitted new Windscreen Frame, Windscreen Lexan and Trim. 2.5 hrs

23 Jul 13

Trimmed Windscreen Lexan to size, pilot drilled 3/32 part clecoed to Windscreen Trim and test fitted again. 2.0 hrs.

24 Jul 13

Finished pilot drilling and clecoing Windscreen Trim to Lexan. Finished fitting 1/4 turn fasteners to right side Engine Inspection Cowl. Pilot drilled and clecoed Forward Air Inlet Duct to Lower Engine Cowl. 3.5 hrs.

20 Nov 13

Fabricated Forward Wing Mounting Brackets and pilot drilled. 1.8 hrs.

23 Nov 13

Removed Rudder Trim Tab. Drilled and dimpled mounting holes for Rudder Trim Tab Electric Motor. Secured with clecos. 2 hrs.

24 Nov 13

Fabricated Right Wing Undercarriage Arch Stiffener. Test fitted, drilled and clecoed. 3.3 hrs.

25 Nov 13

Fabricated Rudder Trim Linkage, fitted and tested. 2.8 hrs.

5 Dec 13

Fabricated, drilled, deburred and dimpled Rudder Trim Motor Mount Reinforcement Stiffeners and test fitted. 2.4 hrs

08 Dec 13

Etch primed Rudder Trim Electric Motor Mount Reinforcement Stiffeners and riveted in place together with Rudder Trim Electric Motor. 2.8 hrs.

11 Dec 13

Drilled, deburred and dimpled right side Forward Attachment Plate on Upper Engine Cowl. Fitted Anchor Nuts and test fitted Caplock 1/4 Turn Studs. 3.3 hrs.

21 Jun 14

Dimpled left side Centre Section Fibreglass Fillet and clecoed and rivetted. Fitted Centre Section Top Forward Panel, clecoed and rivetted. 2.6 hrs.

28 Nov 14

Prepared, drilled, deburred, clecoed and test fitted left underside Centre Section Joint Fillet. 2.2 hrs.

01 Mar 15

Adjusted Right Hand Inner Flap Control Rod and test fitted. Drilled 1/4" bolt hole through Main Flap Shaft and Flap Actuator. 1.5 hrs.

06 Mar 15

Fitted Right Wing to Centre Section. Fitted Outer Flap to Right Wing. Adjusted Control Rod to Right Outer Flap and Flap Actuator. Checked trailing edge alignment of Right Side Inner and Outer Flaps. Checked Flap operation. 3 hrs.

14 Mar 15.

Fitted Wing Tank Fuel Caps to Upper Wing Skins. 2.2 hrs.

08 Nov 15

Prepared, drilled, deburred, clecoed and test fitted right underside Centre Section Joint Fillet. 2.2 hrs.

05 Jun 16

Etch primed and rivetted left and right underside Centre Section Joint Fillets. 1 hr.