Building the Supermarine Spitfire

Work Log 2

01 Dec 05

Trial fitted Stbd Centre Section Upper Skins. Drilled out all holes to 1/8". 3.6 hrs.

06 Dec 05

Prepared Port Fuel Tank Skins and Leading Edge. Fitted Fuel Cap, Water Drain and Fuel Tank Outlet. 4.5 hrs.

13 Jan 06

Assembled Electric Variable Pitch Propellor Hub and trial fitted Propellor Blades. 2.8 hrs.

23 Jan 06

Exhaust Stacks fitted. 0.9 hrs.

07 Feb 06

Trial fitted Sliding Canopy Bubble, marked Leading Edge to match Windscreen Frame. Removed Leading Edge excess. 1.8 hrs.

08 Feb 06

Fitted Coolant Overflow Tank to Fire Wall. 1.9 hrs.

16 Feb 06

Deburred and dimpled all rivet holes on Centre Section Upper Skins. 2.7 hrs.

18 Feb 06

Removed Ignition and Fuel Systems Loom for modification to suit Supercharger. 1.1 hrs.

22 Feb 06

Fitted Fuel Pressure Regulator to Firewall. Fitted Engine to Mount Earth. Drilled out Centre Hole and eight Mounting Holes in Propellor Spinner Front Mount Plate to receive the Electric Variable Pitch Motor. Connected upper hose from Engine Block to Coolant Tank. 3.5 hrs.

23 Feb 06

Pilot drilled starboard Upper Fuselage Fairings. Clecoed in position for test fit. 2.8 hrs.

24 Feb 06

Prepared, deburred, dimpled and etch primed Centre Section Upper Reinforcement Panel Skins. 2.7 hrs.

28 Feb 06

Trial fitment of Rudder Cables. Fitted "D" Shackles to Rudder Pedals. 3.6 hrs.

01 Mar 06

Fitted Main Fuel Tank Support Cushioning. Prepared and fitted Main Fuel Tank Forward and Rear Mounts. Trimmed and test fitted Main Fuel Tank in Fuselage. 3.9 hrs.

02 Mar 06

Prepared Mechanical Undercarriage Indicator Componentry. Drilled access through Upper Forward Centre Section Skin and trial fitted to both sides. 3.6 hrs.

08 Mar 06

Prepared, drilled, deburred, and dimpled port and starboard Radiator Scoop Support Brackets. Fitted Anchor Nuts to same. 2.8 hrs.

16 Mar 06

Stbd Inner Flap Hinge cut to size, drilled, de-burred, dimpled and trial fitted. 1.8 hrs.

23 Mar 06

Drilled holes in Rear Spinner Mount Plate. Test fitted Forward and Rear Propellor Spinner Mount Plates. Trial fitted Spinner on Plates. Prepared, drilled, deburred and dimpled Port and Starboard U/C Leg Fairings. Trial fitted. 3.6 hrs.

24 Mar 06

Trial fitted Main Fuel Tank Access Hatch. Connected Rudder Cables to Pedals. Set Rudder Pedal alignment. 2.4 hrs

25 Mar 06

Prepared, drilled, deburred, etch primed and fitted Aft Wing Attachment Plates. Drilled, tapped, and fitted Fuel Return Flute and Fuek Tank Cap in Main Fuel Tank. 2.9 hrs.

29 Mar 06

Etch Ptimed Forward Centre Section Upper Skin Panels. Commenced preparation of Port Rear Upper Wing Root Fairing Components. 3.6 hrs.

30 Mar 06

Pilot drilled out all Port Rear Upper Wing Root Fairing panels and clecoed in place for a trial fit. Looks good! 2.9 hrs.

04 Apr 06

Deburred, dimpled, etch primed and riveted Port Rear Upper Wing Root Fairing Panels. 2.5 hrs.

08 Apr 06

Prepared, pilot drilled, clecoed and trial fitted Stbd Rear Upper Root Fairing Panels. 2.6 hrs.

09 Apr 06

Final drilling, deburring and dimpling of the above in readiness for etch priming and riveting. 1.8 hrs.

11 - 17 Apr 06

Warbirds over Wanaka Air Show.

19 Apr 06

Etch Primed and Riveted Stbd Rear Upper Root Fairing Panels to Fuselage. 2.1 hrs.

Started Retract testing to ensure proper alignment of U/C leg Fairings. 1.1 hrs.

20 Apr 06

Pilot drilled Port U/C Leg and Fairing. Test fitted and did retract test. Nice fit. 1.7 hrs.

21 Apr 06

Received Registration Certificate from CASA for VH-TAF.

26 Apr 06

Trial fitted Support Brackets for Radiator Scoops. Drilled, deburred and dimpled. 1 hr.

27 Apr 06

Etch Primed Port Radiator Scoop Support Brackets and riveted into Wing. Drilled Port Radiator Scoop and screwed to wing. 3.4 hrs.

29 Apr 06

Etch Primed Stbd Scoop Brackets. Test fitted in position, drilled, and riveted. Scoop screwed into position. 2.5 hrs.

26 May 06

Engine removed to faciltate upgrading to Mil Spec of some components and for the fitment of a Supercharger. .5 hrs

29 May 06

Drilled out access point on Firewall to accommodate Motec Loom Cannon Plug. .6 hrs

30 May 2006

Fitted Motec Loom to Firewall. .8 hrs

01 Jun 06

Crimped Rudder Cable Sleeves, trimmed off excess Cable ends and taped. .6 hrs.

14 Jun 06

Prepared, dimpled and fitted Anchor Nuts to Underside of Centre Section Outer Ribs for Wing Gap Attachment Strips. 1.5 hrs.

27 Jun 06

Drilled Instrument Panel Mounting Holes. Riveted Instrument Panel Anchor Nuts. Prepared, drilled, de-burred and dimpled Main Fuel Tank Cap Access Panel Components. Riveted Anchor Nuts. 3.4 hrs

28 Jun 06

Prepared, drilled and trial fitted Circuit Breaker Panel. Trial fitted 12v Electrical Loom. Trial fitted MoTeC Loom. Commenced work on Main Fuel Tank Cowling. 4.5 hrs.

11 Jul 06

Fitted Anchor Nuts to Fuselage for Main Fuel Tank Filler Cap Access Panel. Drilled out Mounting Holes in Main Fuel Tank Cowling. Drilled and Tapped Stringers in Fuselage for Main Fuel Tank Cowling Screws. 4.8hrs.

23 Jul 06

Dimpled Mounting Holes and trial fitted Mounting Screws in Main Fuel Tank Cowling. Vacuumed Cockpit and Centre Wing Sections. 3.5 hrs

24 Jul 05

Prepared Main Fuel Tank Cowling surface and Etch Primed same. 2.5 hrs.

01 Aug 06

Fitted Up and Down Limit Micro Switches to Starboard U/C. 2.3 hrs.

02 Aug

Fitted Up and Down Limit Micro Switches to Port U/C. Modified Car Stands to make two Aircraft Jacks. 5.8hrs.

05 Aug 06

Etch Primed Main Fuel Tank Filler Cap Access Panel and riveted all associated Components. 2.5 hrs.

10 Aug 06

Fitted Brake Fluid Cables to Brake Units. 1.5hrs.

11 Aug 06

Fitted Port Retract Pin Lock Micro Switch and connected to Loom. Connected Loom to Port Undercarriage Motor. Connected Loom to Port Undercarriage Up Limit Micro Switch. 2.8 hrs

14 Aug 06

Stbd Inner Flap Components prepared, rivet holes drilled and clecoed for trial fit to wing. 3 hrs.

15 Aug 06

Port inner Flap Components prepared, rivet holes drilled and clecoed for trial fit to wing. Fitted outer wings to Centre Section to check for Inner Flaps alignment. 6.5 hrs.

18 Aug 06

Drilled and tapped Port U/C Leg to accept Leg Fairing. 1.8hrs.

20 Aug 06

Drilled and tapped Stbd U/C Leg to accept Leg Fairing. Connected Motec Loom to UP and Down Limit U/C Micro Switches. 3.3 hrs.

23 Aug 06

Connected MoTeC Loom to Port U/C Down Limit Micro Switch. Prepared U/C Leg Fairings in preparation for Etch priming. 2.2 hrs.

06 Sep 06

Etch Primed Port and Starboard U/C Leg Fairing Components and completed riveting. 1.8 hrs.

20 Sep 06

Centre Console Components prepared, drilled, deburred, etch primed, riveted and fitted with Anchor Nuts for Front Panels. 3.6 hrs.

04 Oct 06

Trial fit of Engine Instruments. 2.6 hrs.

09 Oct 06

Cut out Centre Console Front Panel for mounting of Garmin 296 GPS System . Prepared, drilled and deburred angle brackets to secure GPS Mount. 3.2 hrs.

10 Oct 06

Prepared, drilled deburred, etch primed and fitted Starboard Pin Lock Limit Switch Mount. Fitted Limit Switch. 2.1 hrs.

11 Oct 06

Prepared, drilled, deburred, etch primed and riveted Wing Step Up Reinforcement Stiffeners and Main Fuel Tank Breather. 4.2 hrs

12 Oct 06

Finished dimpling of Centre Section Stiffeners. Prepared, drilled, deburred dimpled and trial fitted Left and Right Rear Centre Section Wing Fillets. 6.2 hrs.

17 Oct 06

Final prep of Rear Upper Centre Section Panels. Prepare Centre Console Panel to accept XCOM VHF Radio and Microair Transponder. 4.8 hrs.

25 Oct 06

Prepared, drilled, countersunk and trial fitted Stbd Fibreglass Forward Centre Section Wing Fillet. 1.6 hrs.

27 Oct

Prepared, drilled, countersunk and trial fitted Port Fibreglass Forward Centre Section Wing Fillet. 1.8 hrs

24 Nov 06

Remounted Engine to Fuselage after fitting Supercharger. 2.5 hrs.

28 Nov 06

Prepared and fitted Fuel Lines from EFI Rails to Fuel Pressure Regulator, Fuel Filter through Firewall to Main Fuel Tank. Fitted Fuel Pressure Sender to Fuel Pressure Regulator and connected same to MoTeC Loom. Connected MoTeC Loom to Oil Pressure Sender Unit. Prepared and fitted Oil Lines between Oil Cooler, Oil Filter and Engine Sump. Fitted Exhaust Stacks. Prepared, fitted, and adjusted Thrust Lever Cable from Supercharger to Thrust Lever Quadrant. Connected Electrical Lead from Generator to Starter Motor. Connected MoTeC Loom to Starter Motor. Connected MoTec Loom Cannon Plug through Firewall. Fitted Air Filter. 5.6 hrs

30 Nov 06

Final fit of Bolts to both Rear Engine Mounts. Prepared and fitted Fuel Lines from Fuel Filter through Firewall to High Pressure Fuel Pump location. Fitted Oil Line from Sump to Oil Cooler. Drilled hole in Sump Plug and Oil Pan for Lockwire. 3.3 hrs.

05 Dec 06

Fitted Oil Filter to Firewall. Fitted Oil Line from Oil Filter to Oil Cooler. Fitted Fuel Filter Mount to Firewall. Prepared, drilled, deburred , etch primed and riveted Fuel Tank Overflow Outlet to Lower Fuselage. 5.5 hrs

06 Dec 06

Fitted MoTeC Loom Fuse Box to Firewall. Prepared, drilled and deburred Inner Instrument Panel for trial fitment of Artificial Horizon and Manifold Pressure Gauge. 4.7 hrs.

09 Jan 07

Cut out holes in Outer Instrument Panel for Engine Instruments. Drilled and tapped holes for Mounting Screws. 4.2 hrs.

16 Jan 07

Prepared, drilled and deburred holes in Centre Console for Circuit Breakers. 2.2 hrs.

17 Jan 07

Fabricated, aluminium Mounting Brackets for MoTeC Computer and Relay Rail. 3.6 hrs.

01 Feb 07

Prepared and drilled Mounting Hole in Centre Console for remaining Circuit Breakers and Microair Transponder. Painted Mounting Brackets for Engine Instruments. Fitted hoses from Engine to Coolant Tank. 5.3 hrs.

08 Feb 07

Made cut out in Outer Instrument Panel for Fuel Pressure Gauge. Fitted Mounting Brackets to Outer Instrument Panel for Engine Instrumentation. Final coat of paint on Outer Instrument Panel. Fitted Fuel Lines and Electrical Loom to High Pressure Fuel Pumps. 4.5 hrs

10 Feb 07

Fitted Dual Electric Fuel Pumps to Torque boxes. 2.2 hrs

23 Feb 07

Prepared and Etch Primed Left and Right Rear Upper Centre Section Wing Panels and Mid Section Wing Fillets. Painted Centre Console and Front Panels. Fitted Mounting Brackets and Mounting Module for Garmin 296 GPS Nav System to Centre Console Front Panel. 3.2 hrs.

07 Mar 07

Fitted Wing Tank Fuel Gauges and Fuel Selector Valve to Centre Console Panel. Trial fitted Turn & Bank Indicator to Centre Instrument Panel. 3.3 hrs.

08 Mar 07

Fitted MoTeC Loom Circuit Breakers, XCOM VHF Radio and Microair Transponder to Upper Centre Console Panel. 2.5 hrs.

12 Mar 07

Connected Fuel Lines from High Pressure Fuel Pumps to "Y" Piece. Drilled Outer Instrument Panel for U/C Lights. Trial fitted same. 2.5 hrs.

14 Mar 07

Main Fuel Tank Breather and Overflow Hoses fitted to Fuselage Outlet. MoTeC ECU and Relays fitted to Firewall. Prepared, drilled, deburred and riveted Gascolator Mounting Panel to left Hand Wing Centre Section. Fitted Gascolator. 4.2 hrs.

21 Mar 07

Fitted Wing Tank Fuel Lines and Wing Tank Fuel Transfer Pumps. Fitted Oil Pressure Sender Unit to Oil Filter Unit and connected MoTeC Loom to same. 3.8 hrs

26 Mar 07

Fitted Inline Fuel Filter between Main Fuel Tank and High Pressure Fuel Pumps. 1.3 hrs

03 Apr 07

Fitted and sealed all Main Fuel Tank fittings including Fuel Cap Mounting. Fitted and sealed Water Drains in Wing Fuel Tanks. Sealed Outer Rib in Left Hand Wing Fuel Tank. 2.5 hrs.